Data Browser Matsch | Mazia!

Welcome to the Data Browser Matsch | Mazia! This app provides a user-friendly interface to download meteorological and biophysical variables of the long-term socio-ecological research LT(S)ER site Matschertal / Val di Mazia

Data license

The public data accessible without registration are released with CC BY 4.0 license This license lets others distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. Please give appropriate credit of the data provider as follow: "We thank Eurac Research's long term socio-ecological research area LT(S)ER IT25 - Matsch/Mazia - Italy, for providing the data, DEIMS.iD:".

Software paper

Short description of the web application capabilities and its usage. Data Browser Matsch | Mazia: Web Application to access microclimatic time series of an ecological research site.


Meteorological data downloaded from this app comes with no warranty and has not been validated by the data provider.

To begin

Once selected the measurements and the stations and you have chosen a date range, you are ready to download the data. Available table format are CSV (comma separted values) or excel spreadsheet.

Legend of the downloaded table

Meaning of the column names in the csv or excel downloaded table:


Project team: Stefano Della Chiesa, Alessandro Zandonai, Christian Brida, Georg Niedrist, Martin Palma, Luca Cattani, Norbert Andreatta, Eurac research.